Akashic Records - Summary in English

About spiritual coaching

Thank you for visiting my webpage. My name is Maria and I am a spiritual coach. During my sessions, I help my clients find answers to questions about important spheres of their lives, such as health, relationships, relationship, family, money, life goals, career or creative expression.

Personally, I went through a long spiritual path to self-awareness through various types of life and professional experiences, thanks to which I can now gently lead you to your path of self-knowledge. During the session, I open your Akashic Records, or Chronicles – your Book of Life, which contains full of love answers to your bothering questions. The session brings not only information for which you are ready at the moment, but this is also a great tool to expand self-awareness and achieve a state of bliss of your soul and body, in other words: it helps increase your vibrations. Are you curious how it works? I invite you to our common session. Please contact me.

As bilingual, I run sessions in Polish or English.

My own experience with Akashic Records (Chronicles)

When I was led to read my own records in the Chronicles for the first time, I realized that this was the „place” I had come to many times in different ways, completely unknowingly. I used the knowledge contained in Akashic Chronicles many times, thanks to which I quickly solved my own or other people’s dilemmas (if I was asked to do so). Now, to consciously and quickly enter the Chronicles, I use special texts received during the training.

I often go to my own Chronicles when I have questions. I am constantly amazed by the simplicity of the message from Akashic Chronicles, wisdom and full of compassion. The chronicles lead me to ever deeper levels, where I can reach and heal the unhealed wounds of the past, free myself from limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviors as well as actions thanks to which I am constantly becoming a better version of myself. Entering the sacred space of Akashic Records and experiencing their delicate energy of pure love always gives me great joy. The wisdom I acquire broadens my consciousness, thanks to which I move around the world with ever greater certainty and self-confidence.


I contacted Maria because her services were recommended by our mutual friend. She was told to be not only a specialist in reading Akashic Chronicles, but also as an extraordinary person with high vibrations. I was curious and excited. So I contacted her. In order for me to be better prepared for the meeting and get the most benefit, Maria sent me questions that helped me think about what I wanted to ask Chronicles about regarding my situation. The online meeting lasted almost an hour and a half. First of all, I was informed what Akashic Chronicles are and what I can learn with their help. Maria also outlined that when it comes to questions about the future, the obtained answers should be treated as the potential of future happenings, the space of variants, and not as an oracle. I began to ask questions and received full descriptive answers. No personal interpretation of Maria’s mind, just the message itself. I also received her help how to form the questions more accurately, as some of them were too general. The answers were surprising to me. They often confirmed what I already knew or knew, but from a different point of view. They completed all what was bothering me. Maria's professional approach, her empathy, innate gentleness and calmness, and above all an insightful, multidimensional and specific message received by her from the Akasha Chronicles, has influenced my further life in an extraordinary way. I was assured of future intentions, taking into account the suggestions of my Spiritual Guides, and regained peace and serenity regarding past issues. I truly recommend Maria as a specialist in reading Akashic Chronicles. Meeting with her has not been receiving a message only, but also the opportunity to spend time with a person with an unusual, rich personality and Power. For me, it has been a kind of a spiritual feast and a fascinating new acquaintance.
Wojciech B.
I took advantage of the reading from Akashic Chronicles carried out by Maria and I was very positively surprised. Maria does it with such grace and at the same time so diligently and accurately that no truth can dare escape. I learned everything I asked and got great advice at the end - and that's what this is all about. I truly recommend Maria’s readings.
Edyta Boradyn
Stargard Szczeciński
Session with Maria gave me a lot. I dare say that it was a milestone in the development of my consciousness and my development in general.I learned about things that on one hand threw a 1000 kilograms of mental weight off my back, on the other, I received great tips and even commands "from above" that shed light on my life path. And I must admit that there were harsh times, and thanks to consultation with Maria and her help I returned to the right path. I’m still in the process and I believe, I KNOW I will get there thanks to Maria and only one conversation with her.
Michał M.

Course of the session and price list

I conduct sessions in English.

The preferred way to perform sessions is remotely – via Skype, Messenger or Whatssap.

The cost of a distance session (e.g. Skype, Messenger or Whatssap)

– First session and 1,5-2 h session 300 PLN (including optionary instructions for self-readings, if requested) *

– ‚intervention’ reading (so-called ‚Akasha Emergency Service’ for regular customers who have had at least one regular meeting) up to 1 h – 220 PLN

* Each subsequent half h + 80 PLN.

Date and manner of conducting the session to be agreed in advance.

Individual sessions – I run live Akashic Readings in Warsaw. Live sessions are more expensive –  please add 100 PLN to the above prices.

Session reservations are made by sending a full Pay Pal prepayment (depending on the planned duration of the session) to the indicated account, after arranging the date. Prepayment is not refunded if the client does not come to the meeting or cancels the session on the day it is to be carried out . If the session is extended, the customer pays the due amount according to the price list.

NOTE: as refers to Akasha Readings, the effectiveness of sessions is identical regardless  the way there have been conducted

Please contact me preferably by phone to set up appointment for an online (Skype) reading – I use Whatssap: 

Phone (Whatssap): +48 605 999 577

Thank you for your time! Hope to be in touch soon!